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logo maker online with your text and logo – video hive 12154932

Upload your content and leave the rest to our robot and sit back until your video is ready.



Duration : 28 sec

Full HD 1920×1080

 1 logo =>png

1 text*


Music is not included, You can get it from here

What are the order steps?

Order and payment

In the first step, you have to choose one among thousands of products and buy it.

Go to the bot menu

At this stage, you must enter the robot's menu and load the robot's requested items, including images, text, audio, etc., into the robot.

Download the personalized file

The robot personalizes your product with your files and gives you the output, and you don't need any additional work.

How to work with adobe724 bot menus

Repetition on questions

After purchasing the product, you can enter the robot management section, choose your order, depending on the product you bought, the robot will automatically ask you for a number of files and texts that you can upload.

As soon as the order and payment are successful, you can deliver the information and files to the robot. The delivery time of the output file is between 30 seconds and 24 hours from the moment of sending the images and texts and hitting the queue button.

This can be done.
Note that order customization by support involves additional costs and varies depending on each project

In many cases, such as creating birthday clips, Halloween designs, surprise clips, etc., users request immediate design. To request an immediate design, you can send a message to the website support so that your design can be started immediately by Adobe 724. This includes Additional costs.

All the orders that you register and are personalized and delivered through the robot, will not include any other additional costs.

No, you will not be able to access the source of the project under any circumstances. The only file personalized by the robot will be provided to you in the form of mp4 or jpg or the format related to the project.

Under no circumstances can you download the project source from Adobe724.
We try to put the manufacturer’s link in all products. If you wish, you can buy the product from the manufacturer’s website and have its source code at your disposal. We do not have the right to publish the source of the projects.

We are design experts
Submit your design to us. Right now!

We are constantly monitoring the bot to personalize your product as quickly as possible..


By purchasing the product, you will not have access to the purchased source under any circumstances because the sources are copyrighted and we have purchased them.
You can only download the jpg or mp4 file that has been customized by the Adobe 724 robot with your text and photo.

About Our Robot.

The Adobe 724 robot is one of the best robots in the world that takes over the work of personalizing projects.
Due to the heavy weight of some projects and the high traffic of requests, the rendering operation by the robot may take some time.
Currently, the personalization of projects by the robot takes between 30 seconds and 24 hours, depending on the size of the project and the number of orders on that day, and these times may change a little in the future, which we will definitely inform.
If you need immediate (out of turn) personalization delivery, please send a message to the website’s online support so that we can immediately start your personalization outside of the robotic program and by the experienced design team of Adobe 724. Note that this item includes additional costs.

After sending the files to the robot..

After sending the files and pressing the queue button, just wait a little until it is your turn. Currently, the robot has the ability to make 10 orders at the same time, which we will soon upgrade.

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